Oscar “Lewis B” Boykin III is a 22 year old Singer/Songwriter born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. When Boykin was 14 years old, he became a part of an Atlanta- based group called “The Proclamation” where he was formerly known as “Duo” because of his dualistic charm for both wordplay and singing. At age 16, Boykin decided that Duo was a name of the past. He soon changed His stage name to Lewis B. as his way of embracing his true identity knowing that it would give his career the longevity it was destined for.

     While he describes his music as unpredictable, he also views it as refreshing and confident. With influences such as Timberland, The Dream, Trey Songz, and Pharrell, Lewis B. aspires to make music that speaks to generations. While initial singles,“Life is Good” and “Patience” have done incredible numbers for his local listeners, Lewis B. released an EP in 2016 entitled, "evoLEWtion" which displays his growth as an artist with club anthems such as, "Go Low," to pop records like," On to The Next." His 2017 release, "Just because. . ." gives a more intimate vibe for listeners to enjoy.




Lewis B. has made a name for himself on the Atlanta scene by performing at a number of renowned venues. He has performed at The Masquerade on multiple occasions, performed for showcases at the Young Atlanta Fashion Show, Apache Cafe, and has appeared twice at Atlanta's renowned Sweet Auburn Festival. Along with that, Lewis B. also opened up for Grammy Award Winning gospel artist, Canton Jones. 

     One thing Lewis prides himself on before all others is his strong foundation with God in all areas of his life. He is a strong believer that good things come to those who are patient and hardworking. "This industry is all about longevity, and I want to be around for a long time!" he says, and that is the driving force that pushes him to create, perform, and impact lives one verse at a time.


"Listening to my music is only the first step. Making sure that the person next to you is listening as well is what makes the difference."

-Lewis B.